With I.CER on line® system, distance leraning on the internet becomes certified: this is our task to offer our users first-class education.

I.CER on line® has been conceived to be a useful tool for whatever institution operating in the area of distance education, both from an institutional and from an effective point of view, with services and contents.
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Il Consiglio dell’Ordine dei Consulenti del Lavoro di Padova – Body governed by public law – acknowledges I.CER. on line® system as a valid means for the certified attribution of training credits in the users’ professional training on the Internet.

The Presidential Decree of the 28th December 2003, n. 196, article 11 – paragraph 1, letter a) sanctions the principles of:
  • necessity
  • lawfulness
The system I.CER on line® has been studied in full obedience of the aforementioned principles.
The management must carry out random inspections, as regulated by the article 71 in the area of distance education; (with the current system of self-certification each declarant avoid systematically whatever penal responsibility, given that his/her statements are in no case verifiable). The system I.CER on line® provides services in a reliable and ethic way.

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